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Like pho, this jerky is all about the meat itself as opposed to the coating of flavor. Sweet Sriracha : Candidate for best flavor of the group, this was the right balance of sweet and spicy together, with a generous coating of flavoring on each piece of beef in the bag.

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And with the meteoric rise in popularity of Sriracha sauce, this baby should catch on as a big money maker for Lawless. Well played!

Aloha Teriyaki : This was nice because it had sesame seeds sprinkled on the beef. The flavoring was more of a glaze, as you might expect, as opposed to the dry seasonings on the Sweet Sriracha and Japanese Curry flavors. This is a comfortable and easy to eat jerky. A definite pleaser for all fans of jerky. I really enjoyed it. This, like Aloha Teriyaki, is a crowd pleaser as well. Easily scarfed down at parties or while making a long cross country drive.

Mango Habanero : This was very close to being my favorite.

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It, too, has the right balance of sweet and spicy. Really nice. I even love it at Buffalo Wild Wings. So there you have it. I think these would even be good with dipping sauces that you can make at home to match the flavors listed on the bag. So good. Be a man and get them all, and tell your military pals about the deal. Check out their Twitter page for updates and other deals.

Croix, so we made a mini-vacation out of it by doing a pit stop over in San Juan before puddle jumping to St. Croix for the nuptials. We started with an appetizer sampler, which included fried cheese center top, below sipping sauces , corn sticks left , fried chicken chunks center bottom and alcapurrias right. The chicken was perfectly fried and juicy inside. The fried cheese was a bit dry, and had a consistency more like tofu than what you might expect from hot, fried cheese. The corn sticks were pretty much corn dog batter, but without the dog inside.

The alcapurrias were delicious, but quite different from the version we had at Inti. There was still meat inside, but there was less mashed potato ball and more crunchy wrapper type material happening. Then I had yellow rice with pork sausage, which came with sides of beans and fried plantains. The sausage was tender, hearty and bold-spiced. The rice was cooked to a nice al dente with not too much grainy texture.

It was great, especially with the beans poured over it. The plantains were really special though. They were chunks that hat been squashed flat and then lightly battered before frying, so they had a crispy outside but a little softness and texture inside. My wife had chicken mofongo. I though the chicken and mofongo itself were both dry, although tasty. That night, we had a belated anniversary dinner at a really nice restaurant right across the street from our hotel, called Marmalade. This place is charging NYC prices but the food is worth every damn penny.

Since we had a huge, starchy lunch, we opted to share an app, a pasta dish and dessert, while each ordering our own entree. First was this nice beet salad yes — the beet crazy is even happening in Puerto Rico, not just NYC , which was served carpaccio style with citrus, hearts of palm, goat cheese and micro-greens. Our waiter gave us a complimentary cup of this delicious white bean and truffle soup, which was dusted with pancetta crumbles.

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Very velvety and smooth, earthy and rich. I loved it. For our pasta, we tried the truffle pappardelle. This had a great flavor, but the texture ended up being a little bit lackluster, as the peppercorn and truffle bits that were embedded into the pasta dough ended up changing the tensile properties that you usually expect with a perfectly cooked pasta. Still delicious, in a perfectly suited marsala sauce to compliment the truffle and mushroom flavorings, but I think it would have been better with shaved truffle instead of truffle in the dough itself.

Our entrees were amazing.

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My wife had the haddock cheeks, which came with fresh spring peas and a rosemary foam type of sauce. The portion size was generous, and the fish was cooked perfectly. My entree was the Berkshire pork cheeks. These were roasted to a perfect softness, and served with amazing spicy habanero grilled pineapple pieces. These were so great.

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I was expecting a lot of heat but the sweetness of the pineapple really rounded it out to a nice balance. This was nice, though I almost wish it was all served cold, as opposed to the hot strawberry and rhubarb compote and the cold ice cream. I realize that is out of the ordinary for something like this, but I think it may have worked better.

A great meal, and excellent service. Even the drinks were awesome. They tasted like the bottom part of those Marino Italian ice cups, where all the ice crystals of sugary goodness settle in the freezing process. So freaking good… I had coconut, and my wife had strawberry. These hit the spot in the blazing heat. In St. Croix I only documented the rehearsal dinner food, and the wedding reception food, both of which were excellent. The rehearsal dinner was at a joint called Savant in Christiansted, St. The bride and groom had been there before, and we certainly trust their culinary opinions, so we knew we were in good hands.

We started with some beer-battered fish fritters and grilled baby squid. Both were great. The fish was nicely battered: crispy and light on the outside, and juicy and tender inside. The grilled squid had a great char flavor on them, and they were nicely seasoned. I had the bacon wrapped pork chop for my entree.

This was really frigging good.

I was worried about the cooking temperature on this — concerned that it might be ruined it cooked through, yet bad if undercooked — but these guys nailed it. It was delicious and flavorful from end to end. My wife had a coconut and hazelnut crusted mahi mahi dish that was on special along with several other mahi mahi dishes — I guess they needed to move the product. It was served with a spicy watermelon sauce.

This was such a unique and delicious dish.

Really well conceived and executed. She also had this nice looking blood orange based cocktail. Not really worth mentioning in depth here are some items we tried at the restaurant on site.