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Sodexo meal passes, authorised by the Reserve Bank of India, are issued by various companies to their employees to save tax. Employees use these coupons to purchase food, groceries and non-alcoholic beverages from Sodexo affiliate outlets. At present 18, Sodexo affiliated outlets, which include in-house canteens, food courts, restaurants and grocery shops in 1, Indian cities, accept coupons. We are also venturing into new locations and expanding our geographical presence, Sinha adds. Our business wont be affected because large retailers ditched us, says Ashish Talwar, chief executive officer of Sodexo India.

Retail consultants and analysts, however, believe that the loss of prominent retail chains will pinch Sodexo.

About 18, outlets might be big in absolute terms, but it isnt a large percentage if both traditional and modern retail is taken into account, says Saloni Nangia, senior vice-president, retail and FMCG at Technopak Advisors, a retail consultancy. Large retailers are more visible and impact consumer buying. Some retail chains say high fees hit their low-margin business.

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Sodexo is an expensive proposition and is operationally unviable, says Santosh Unni, chief executive officer at Costa Coffee. Here are list of stores which still accepts coupons. List of meal pass affiliate as on Jan Originally Posted by enzo Dont know of the big company cafeterias. Once the big retailer refuses the coupon, the office cafeteria guy will also stop accepting coupons.

Originally Posted by scopriobharath. Not accepting Sodexho from the company employees may not be such an easy affair for the office caterer. There is a "clause" in most admin policies that sodexho "must" be accpeted from employees for a vendor. View My Garage.

Not just cash, cards, also use Sodexo to buy grocery online

Is SPAR still accepting the food coupons? I use Accor food coupons. Big Bazaar in Mumbai have stopped accepting any form of coupons from 1st Jan Serious blow.

Originally Posted by RaguHolla. LAmost all the super markets have stopped accepting food coupons.

Meal vouchers that are accepted everywhere

Alright, it's officially out: the coupons are not being accepted since it is an overhead for the retailers; nothing to do with counterfeit coupons. Saw this in TOI today:. This has been a disputed topic on many fronts. When we decided to make away with the sodexo coupons business in our company it was met by stiff resistance. We decided to have it continued for a year more. But now, with most retailers refusing to accept Sodexo, am sure many companies will eventually pull out of this scheme. These coupons were initially introduced for buying food from the office canteen only.

Using Sodexo meal pass??? Watch this

Eventually it moved to food items from retail outlets, hotels and other eateries. In my opinion, the administration cost borne by the company and pain in the neck for the HR and admin staff processing and managing these coupons is too high. There are enough records to be maintained, loss of coupons, replacement of expired coupons, short counting, delay in getting payment from vendor etc. Many companies feel that it is just not worth it. There are still some small retailers that accept Food Coupons. I found two of them in my area Malad west, Mumbai.

But the only issue is that they accept Food Coupons at MRP prices of goods, means they don't offer any discounts that they offer on cash payment.

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  • Meal vouchers that are accepted everywhere;
  • Not just cash, cards, also use Sodexo to buy grocery online - Firstpost!

Last edited by GTO : 11th January at I went to Reliance Fresh few days ago and they refused to accept Sodexo coupon. My company provides these coupons on monthly basis and I opted this option just to save a small amount of tax. I can only hope that this is a temp situation and matter will be sorted out soon A good article which explains this mess, Sodexo Coupons — Invalid.

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A Business Model explained Kiran Dhanwada. Glad to know that the Make a Wish campaign has helped. A few of the small establishments in my area have started accepting Sodexo now.